Re-viewing beauty

This year I have created the Platform "Re-Viewing Beauty" I want us all to take a step back and really ask ourselves what we consider Beautiful? I truly believe that Beauty is found in each and every one of us but it takes time to find and recognize that Beauty. I want to give our youth some role models to look up to who have recently been in their shoes.


I am asking women from ages 17-24 to submit their story about how they found their Beauty. I will be picking 5 women from the Southern Utah area and they will be apart of a video im making where their stories will be featured. As well they will receive full hair and makeup and some other great treats.


My hope is to be able to expand on this project and bring it farther then Southern Utah but that means I need your help! If you would like to sponsor the event in any way please send me an email or DM me on my socials and I can get you on the list! I cant wait to read all of your amazing stories and thank you for being beautiful! 

To submit your story please click the link below..

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